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Berlin is the capital of Germany, known for its alternative lifestyles, broad history, and central role in European politics and business

A City of History, Berlin

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Berlin represents a city of alternatives due to its association with green politics, constructive internet policies, and an openness to peoples of all religions, preferences, and backgrounds. Recent history with the Berlin Wall and reunification has resulted in a contemporary, tolerant, and young metropolis at the forefront of European politics and business.

Berlin: Booming Capital City of Germany

The best districts for exploring the multi-faceted history and distinct culture of Berlin are Kreuzberg, Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Charlottenburg, and Neukölln. Find a vacation apartment or similar trendy accommodation in the hip international district of Kreuzberg for the summer months, or quickly book some modest short stay accommodation in Berlin-Mitte, right in the center of town and next to all the major hotels, conference centers, and transportation links. Interestingly, Berlin’s reputation as a city for 'starving artists' has been diminishing and the influx of foreign investment and apartments in Berlin means that this city will be rapidly growing in the coming decades, bringing it up to par with other, more developed European capitals such as Paris or Moscow.

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