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Hong Kong, a former British colony, is a vast, culturally-rich metropolis in China, known for its self-governance and modern civil liberties

A view of Hong Kong's burgeoning skyline

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There are endless opportunities to explore the fascinating blend of Chinese and Western culture in Hong Kong. You will find fresh Cantonese foods served by street vendors, exuberant and exciting holiday festivals, and ancient Buddhist and Taoist temples. This is a city famous for its gorgeous skyline and harbor as well as its rich cultural history.

Hong Kongcrete: Around Hong Kong for Culture and Business

Internationally known as 'Asia's Global City', Hong Kong is a vibrant and exotic metropolis on China’s southern coast and must truly be seen to be believed. Hong Kong was a British colony for over 150 years and is often described as an area where “East meets West”, referring to its fusion of Chinese and British cultures. As an international transportation hub, Hong Kong is also important for catering to business meetings and hosting international conferences. A must-see for the true Hong Kong is the Temple Street Night Market where you will discover a rich magnitude of Chinese culture. Here you can browse through trinkets, sample local cuisine, and see live cultural performances. So keep your options open, because Hong Kong offers a host of activities from festivals to hiking, and theater pieces to temple excursions.

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