City Apartments in London

London is a global city on a provincial island, a perpetual dominion with an inexhaustible, permeating energy unlike any other in Europe

Big Ben, London

London: A City of Diversity

London's variety is reflected in the numbers of visitors it attracts. A noisy, multicultural capital and a vivacious metropolis of people, ideas and energy. Few cities accommodate such a variety of cultures, over 300 languages are spoken, all contributing to the culinary offerings, style, and attitude of the number-one tourist destination in the world.

London: Top of the Tree

London is a rich chronicle and a compelling biography runs through the city's array of historical landmarks. It is a vast, sprawling metropolis of ideas, people and color. Plagues, fires, civil war, and aerial bombardment during World War II have all influenced and shaped London's intriguing topography. There are few cities in the world with London’s harmonious diversity or with a bigger sphere of influence. It is the largest capital city in the European Union, stretching more than 30 miles from east to west, and with a population of just under eight million people, is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. The rich history of immigration has led to London becoming a leading light in culinary circles and now rivals Paris for the culinary delights on offer. Each neighborhood offers a new, fresh insight into a vibrant city.

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