• Accommodates
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Size
    9 m²
  • Floor No.
  • Family/child friendly
  • Kitchen
  • Washer/dryer
  • Lockable room
  • Towels
Property summary
Address: Eversholt Street, NW1 1DA London, United Kingdom
Property type: Private room
Property ID: 65O1KO19

Located right next to London Euston Train Station, this modern private room with Wi-Fi accommodates up to 3 guests. Bed linen and towels are provided.

The lockable bedroom in a shared 2-bedroom apartment features wooden floors, a triple bunk bed, a mirror and a wardrobe. There is a fully-fitted kitchen with laundry facilities and a bathroom with a bathtub and shower.

For the Eurostar and connections to Heathrow Airport, King’s Cross St Pancras Train Station is just a 10-minute walk away. Regents Park and Oxford Street are both within a 20-minute walk. Numerous 24-hour bus routes service Central London.

The surrounding neighbourhood features a selection of bars, restaurants and supermarkets. The vibrant markets of Camden and the street entertainment and theatres of Covent Garden and The West End are within walking distance.

Price for > 2 guests: $ 18 US per guest/night extra
Check-in after: 2 PM
Check-in before: On arrangement
Check-out before: 11 AM
Cancellation Policy: Strict
Available for check–in
Reviews of this property

Das Zimmer ist sehr klein aber total schön eingerichtet und für einen Städtetrip allemal ausreichend. Die Küche und das Bad sind etwas "heruntergekommen", wir haben die Küche nicht benutzt. Wenn man etwas nur zum übernachten sucht ist es tiptop.

March 2014

Extremely unpleasant stay / Veel teleurgesteld verblijf (nederlandse beoordeling zijn onderstande /
No recomiendo en absoluto esta propiedad a nadie. No vale la pena el precio que pagas (detalles véase abajo)/ 令人嘔心及骯髒極的浴室(詳情在最下)
I absolutely do not recommend this property to anyone. It does not worth the money.

We moved out from this property after our first night sleep because the bathrooms were extremely filthy. We were unwillingly and unable to shower there after a long day of traveling.
First of all, the bathtub was filled with other's hair. The drainage was even blocked by the hair and the water flown back over my feet. The shower head could not provide sufficient water stream for a proper shower.
The bathroom floor was dirty, dusty and once again filled with other's hair all over. Other tenants walked in with their shoes while the bathroom floor was still wet. I saw a lot of mud stains on the bathroom floor. I did not dare to step ino the bathroom with my bare feet for any shower.

The area around the washing basins was disgusting as well, I could see a layer of dust and stains at the washing basins. Apparently, the bathrooms were not cleaned properly.

The skirting of the bathroom was deteriorating. I saw a line of black stuff between the skirting and the floor . A layer of brownish dust on the skirting.

I took pictures as proof but unable to upload them on this platform. They can be found on WImdu's facebook page.

I understood the bathrooms are shared by the tenants next door (2 rooms on each floor). Particularly of this reason, they should be cleaned and maintained frequently. I've been staying in a B&B in Tokyo. The bathrooms are even shared by people of 18 rooms. Yet they are spotlessly clean.

My husband even saw the switching knob of the radiator was turning molding green.

Complaint was made immediately after my inspection but the solution was unsatisfactory. I was allowed to use the bathroom upstairs, however, the conditions was not any better.
The tenants upstairs smoked. Thus, the bathroom was full of cigarette smell. They put their shoes behind the bathroom door and their sweaters at the bathtub corner. All windows were open in order to get rid of the smoke. I was left an extremely cold bathroom.

In addition, bed was wobbly. There is also a sex club at the end of the street.

We asked for a REFUND but got REJECTED.
my experience of the room is as follows. The bed itself was not very well screwed together, making the bed very wobbled, but what to overlook. we are forced to left because the bathroom was too dirty to be or is a shared bathroom, but there is also nothing done to the cleaning of it to stimuleeren. a simple card on the door with gedrachs rules had been able to improve the situation. Also, the maintenance of the badkaamer around from bad everywhere had mold and rust there will gezecht that the government moderately cleaned word but it is seen maintenance in the badkaamer not be properly cleaned maaken in large gaps between the floor and skirting collected sight much dirt and therefore mold the kit were also yellow edges knocked another sign that no plowing, clean made. debt get pushed on with bad luck buuren. I think the bathroom was just not fair poorly maintained and not cleaned properly. __________________________________________________________________ Nos mudamos the esta propiedad inmediatamente despues de dormir la primera noche porque los baños estaban extremadamente sucios. No podiamos ni queriamos ducharnos allí Aun despues de un viaje largo. And primer lugar, la bañera estaba llena the Cabellos the otras personas. La acumulación the cabello era tanta que bloqueaba completamente drenaje el y el agua me cubría los pies. La alcachofa de la ducha no proveía un buen Chorro de agua para una ducha darse adecuada.The bathroom floor was dirty, dusty and covered everything from hair of other people. Other guests had entered the bathroom with his shoes when the floor was still wet. Mud marks were everywhere. For no shower dare to tread the bathroom barefoot. The area around the toilets was also unpleasant. You could see a layer of dust and stains in toilets. Apparently, the bathrooms were not cleaned properly. The baseboard bathroom was deteriorating. You could see a line of putrefaction between the baseboard and the floor and the baseboard was covered by a layer of brown powder. I took pictures that serve as proof but I can not get into this platform. You can find them on the facebook page of Wimdu. As I have understood the bathrooms are used by guests next door (two rooms on each floor). Precisely for this reason, the bathrooms should be cleaned frequently. I have stayed in B & B in Tokyo. There are restrooms used by guests 18 rooms and yet always spotlessly clean. My husband even saw thermostatic radiator valve was becoming moldy green. We complained immediately after seeing all this but the solution they offered was unsatisfactory. We were allowed to use the upstairs bathroom but conditions did not improve.Guests up smoking, so the bathroom was full of the smell of cigarettes. They put their shoes at the entrance to the bathroom and their coats in the corner of the tub. We had to open all the windows to get rid of the smell of cigarettes. In the end we are left with an extremely cold bath. Asked for a refund but our request was denied. _________________________________________________________________ 令人 呕心 及 肮脏 极 的 浴室, 我 住 了 一 晚 便 离开 (没有 洗澡) 要找 了 另一 间 酒店 投宿 浴缸 满 了 别人 的 头发, 去 水位 被 别人 的 头发 堵塞 花洒 头 水力 不够浴室 地上 满 了 别人 的 头发 洗手 盆 封 了 一寸 厚 的 尘 和 一 点点 的 污垢 投诉 不受理, 要求 退款 不 获 接纳

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April 2013
Reviews for this host's other properties
Modern Apartment by Public Stations

Este apartamento ha sido un desastre, una estafa.

Nos hicieron ir a buscar la llave del apartamento a un buzón, donde tuvimos que usar unos códigos que no funcionaban. Tuvimos que llamar a un teléfono de asistencia cuya llamada internacional fue a nuestro cargo.

Cuando llegamos al apartamento la impresión ya fue horrorosa: muy sucio: la moqueta -que era muy clara- tenía unas grandes manchas, las sábanas de las camas no se habían cambiado, el lavaplatos y el televisor no funcionaban, los enseres de la cocina los tuvimos que limpiar todos antes de usarlos, algunos enchufes no funcionaban, había una bombilla fundida, éramos 5 personas y habían sólo 4 sillas: ¡Un desastre!

Porque no tengo tiempo no quiero gastar dinero, pero tuvimos motivos suficientes para presentar una denuncia.

Si WIMDU no quiere perder garantía de calidad, deben dar de baja a este cliente.

September 2014
Very Central 2 Bedroom Apartment near King's Cross, Euston Station B

Por partes, la estancia ha tenido sus pros y sus contras...

A favor de Wimdu, es muy fácil encontrar un apartamento de las características que estés buscando, siempre te mantienen informado y se preocupan sobre tu opinión.

En cuanto al apartamento en sí, este concretamente, ha sido un fiasco. Ya no por la comunicación con el anfitrión, si no por la LIMPIEZA del apartamento. La limpieza no es que fuera baja, si no que era NULA. En ciertos sitios pasabas el DEDO y aparecía NEGRO. Con ciertos sitios no estoy diciendo que pasaras el dedo detrás de cada rinconcito de cada puerta, si no que en la propia BAÑERA había una SUCIEDAD IMPRESIONANTE. Por supuesto la cocina no te daba ninguna confianza como para preparar nada. Y ya no especificaré sobre el tamaño de las CUCARACHAS que avistamos en el apartamento. Una sensación de SUCIEDAD incluso cuando, después de andar por toda la ciudad, te metías en la CAMA. No quiero pensar si esas SÁBANAS SE HABÍAN CAMBIADO ALGUNA VEZ.

Independientemente de la zona en la que se encuentra el apartamento, que es bastante buena, no volvería a alquilar ningún apartamento con el anfitrión por la suciedad del mismo. No sé si se encargará él mismo de la limpieza o lo tiene contratado a un tercero, si fuera esto último decirles que están tirando el dinero pues no limpian absolutamente nada.


September 2014
Very Central 2 Bedroom Apartment near King's Cross, Euston Station B

Das Haus hat eine wunderbare Lage. An der nächsten Ecke liegt schon Euston-Station, ein guter Ausgangspunkt für Besichtigungstouren in alle Richtungen. Die Umgebung ist ebenfalls mit einer Vielzahl von Gaststätten und Läden interessant - inklusive dem nahen Camden-Market.
Wir hatten die beiden Zimmer im ersten Stock gemietet, 3 und 4. Dort steht jeweils ein doppelstöckiges Bett mit Platz für drei Personen. Wir waren zu dritt und die Zimmer waren ausreichend groß, eher eng. Die Küche ist gut ausgestattet doch fehlt ein Essplatz. In dieser Etage fehlt der Platz für einen Tisch und es waren nur drei Stühle vorhanden. Das Bad ist renovierungsbedürftig. Füt den Preis stimmt's dennoch. Das Appartment bzw. die Zimmer sind preiswert und bieten gute Voraussetzungen für einen gelungenen Aufenthalt in London.

August 2014
Modern Apartment by Public Stations

Die gute Anbindung ist auch das einzige was gut ist.So eine schlechte oder besch...... Ferienwohnung habe ich noch nie gesehen.Das wir die Atzeln nicht haben können wir Glücklich sei.Es ist eine unverschähmtheit einem soetwas anzubieten.Wir hattten für sieben gebucht , die Reise- betten waren blutig und das Lattenrost gab es nicht.
Der Kühlschrank und Gefriefach waren dreckig sowie alte Sachen drinnen.Der Backofen, das Geschirr drechig und gebraucht.Die Schrankböden kaputt geschlagen und noch vieles mehr.Der Putz rieselte von der Baddecke ab und die WC Spülung ging , wenn mann Glück hat.Normalerweise müssten wir unser Geld wiederbekommen.Müsste ich diese Ferienwohnung bewerten wie ander Hotels und die Skala von1-10 ging würde 20 noch nicht reichen.

August 2014
Modern Apartment by Public Stations

Appartement sale. Moquette tachée dans l'ensemble des pièces. Jardin non accessible : une jungle !. La chaudière nous a lâché au milieu du séjour. Odeur de tabac froid dans l'appartement à notre arrivée. Ampoules grillées. Mégots de cigarette dans la canapé et j'en passe quand on regarde derrière les meubles et sous le mobilier ...

Dirty apartment. Carpet stained in the whole of rooms. Not accessiblegarden: a jungle!. The boiler broke us in the middle of the stay. Smell of cold tobacco in the apartment upon our arrival. Grilled bulbs. Ends of cigarette in sofa and more when we look behind furniture and under the furniture...

August 2014
Luminous Flat with Garden and WiFi (1)

Está muy bien comunicado, pero es un sótano con serios problemas de limpieza y mantenimiento

August 2014
Luminous Flat with Garden and WiFi (1)

When we arrived at our appartment, there was luggage from other travellers. We called "Abdul" but arrived at a kind of call center. It was very difficult to have a good contact: bad line, bad English, not answering our phone calls anymore after a while. The service was horrible. They had no idea what went wrong and they would send somebody. 2.5 hours later there was still no one there. It was almost 21h00 and we had little children with us that needed to eat and sleep. When I called back, they even suggested to put the luggage outside the room, while still not knowing where it came from ! I refused to do so. Around 21h00, the other travellers arrived. It seemed to be a mistake from their side. They had appartment B instead of C and it was the cleaning woman that had let them in. But ... when they wanted to move to appartment B, B was also taken by somebody. They ended-up in a hotel that night.
About the appartment itself : in line with the foto's, but not very clean. Towells on the other hand were neat. What you need to know : it's in the basement and so it smells not very good. Max 6 persons. The extra bed is not available and sleeping on the sofa is not an option neither, given the state of the sofa. Because of the problems the first night, we ended-up eating something in the garden. Despite the bad herbs, it was the best place to stay and with some wine and fingerfood and the children in bed, we had a good evening after all :-). When having good weather, the garden is a plus. Location is top, near the railway and underground station Euston. Very good. Conclusion: top location at correct price. Bedrooms OK, bathroom and kitchen a bit less. Bad service when having problems : better call Wimdu at once. There we had a great service .

August 2014
Luminous Flat with Garden and WiFi (1)

- localization is OK. Tube is very close. British Musseum, Camden Town, New Osford Street... The quarter is safe and there is many stores

- the backyard door is not safely closed and you could open from the outside. I phoned the owner about this problem but he don't solved it during my stay
- wifi don't work properly. You can connect only in the kitchen. I phoned the owner about this problem but he don't solved it during my stay
- cleaning is not too good, specially for the bathroom
- Euston Station is very close and there is many train movements. The flat is noisy.
- The flat is basement. Access is dificult.

July 2014
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