• Accommodates
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Size
    15 m²
  • Floor No.
  • Family/child friendly
  • Kitchen
  • Washer/dryer
  • TV
  • Parking available
  • Lockable room
  • Internet/WiFi
Property summary
Address Stephaniweg, 82335 Berg, Germany
Property type Private room
Property ID 9EHV0OOR
Property listed by
This property is managed by Gundel. Gundel will arrange to give you the key to the property upon arrival.
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Contact Gundel here
Acceptance rate < 50%
Response time A few hours
Calendar updated A month ago
Beautiful, furnished Rooms in a small castle, inmidst an idyllic village, 20 km South of Munich, close to the famous lake Starnberg with drinking water quality.

Also multiple bedrooms for students/families available, weekly or long term, Internet / TV access.

Please see the very extended German description for more information.
In case you cannot translate it, please contact us.

This furnished ROOM 202 (2nd floor):

EUR 33 per day / further persons EUR15 per day
EUR 198 per week
EUR 691 first month
EUR 587 first and second month each
EUR 497 per month in case you stay a min. of 3 months
(2. Person for long term: 15% on top)

Bath room / kitchen are on the same floor.

Our Rooms usually (like our other ad):

Simple furnished comfotable rooms with Ikea-Furniture between 12 and 42 sqm.
The Furniture can adapted to your needs.

We have also Bunk-Beds shared rooms for Students, Technicans, Holidays and Familys.

Well-kept Toilets/Showers and Kitchen are on this floor. Apartments with integrated Shower/Toilet are very rare available.

Dog/Kat: 10% on top.

The Prices are inclusive Heating, Electricity without extra fees.

Our Home:
Very nice Jugendstil-Manor House called „Schloss Mörlbach“ next to a 500 years old late-gothic chirch. In front of the house is a nice small lake and behind we have a 5000sqm big Garden with old Trees.

Mörlbach is a small village with celitc roots framed with trees and small lakes. Around 160 residents are living in our village, therefrom around 50 children - plus 22 Dogs, 32 Cows, 7 Alpaccas/Lamas and 8 Horses.

We have a lot long-term-renter and we are living here with our Family with 3 children, 1 Dog and 3 Cats (No contact to the renters)

In our House you will have a seperate entrance.
W also can combine more rooms together like 3 in the ground floor or up to 11 in the 2nd floor.

In the House you will have up to 4 seperate Toilets, 4 Showers/Bathrooms and 2 Kitchen, free for everybody to use. In the 2nd Floor everything is new.

We are cleaning the sanitary and common rooms and supply you with the neccesary things like Toilett-paper, soap, dishes, kitchen-tools, etc.

Smoking is prohibidet in the whole house. We set a high value on cleanliness, orderliness and silence.

You can also use the big terrasse and the barbecuing-area. There is a partly roofed place for Bikes. We have some parking lots in front of our house.

Additional options:
1.: WiFi 5€ per week/person (further persons 50% discount)
2.: TV and Reciever 10€/week
3.: Bedclothes inkl. inlays for blanket and pillow 15€ per Person (one time fee)
4.: Rent-a-bike at our house 25€/week, 65€/month
5.: Shuttle Transfer to/from Munich: EUR 65.
6.: Shuttle Transfer from/to train-station Icking (S7) 10€ (+ add on fee after 7 pm/before 8 am)

Minimal: 3 Nights
Otherwise weekly, monthly or longer.
In special cases we accept also rentals with less than 3 nights.

By Car:
München, Luise-Kiesselbachplatz: around 16 minutes
München, Stadtmitte: around 25 minutes.
Starnberger See (Berg/Leoni): around 4 minutes.
Starnberg: around 8 minutes.
Garmisch-P.: around 40 minutes.
Icking: around 3 minutes
(next shopping place and Train-Station

By Train (S 7, Trainstation Icking)
München, Central-Station: around 36 minutes

By Bike
Icking: around 7 minutes (2,5km)

By Train from the Airport MUC:
S1 to "Donnersberger Brücke"
tranfer to
S7 Direction "Wolfratshausen".
Exit in "Icking", shuttle transfer possible, just ask.

All our renter are working or studiing in or in the south of munich. Average age 37 and around 26% female.

5 to 20 minutes: Bismarckturm (Berg), Schloß Possenhofen, Isarauen with
Bathplaces (Icking), City Wolfratshausen, Buchheim-Museum in Bernried,
Seeburg am Starnberger See, old roman villages.

30 to 60 minutes: Kings Castle of Ludwig II, Abbey Ettal,
Oberammergau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen with Zugspitze and Eibsee,
Abbey Andechs with Biergarten, München and much more.

Tabletennis and punching bag are in the house
Diving, Tennis, Horse-riding, golf, cart, sailing, foodball, skiing, ice-skating, archery and much more are in the area.

45 minutes away:
Alpamare swimming pool with artifical waves in Bad Tölz.
Biges swimming pool in Germany: Therme Erding.
House rules

The lessor shall exercise jurisdiction over the premises.

Be avoided after 2200 clock must rest disturbing noise.
Doors are always close to silent. Please go to the corridors and no loud conversations.

Radio, television and the like make up on low volume.

The outdoor seating on the west side of the rental property can be used by all tenants. The tenant is obligated to the patio, after use, to clean themselves. Grilling is allowed.
If you are outside of the house, we urge you to preserve the outward form and keep quiet. Please remember that we are almost in a residential area,
bought in a lot of money for people homes to live in peace and dignified -
Not for nothing is the part south of the village street called Mörlbeach ...

The smoke in the hallways and in the rooms is strictly prohibited
also for fire safety regulations. The "emergency" can be with the door closed
and smoke of an open window in the kitchen or in the toilet
if it is right on the window and ensure that no smoke in the
Space remains. Should we charge for the transfer finds that was smoked in the room,
We will emphasize the room from scratch and take further action
all of which the tenant has to pay.

The waste is separated (paper, organic waste, plastic / metal, waste). The disposal of the waste is accepted by the landlord. Empty bottles are disposed of by the tenant.
Food waste must be disposed of immediately. Used utensils should be cleaned by the user.
The (residual) waste baskets out of the rooms are located in the gray trash can next to the garage to empty. Also, cardboard boxes, etc. are disposed of directly into the waste container (in the garage).

If you see your part to cause discomfort, it was noted the volume of the premises of the owner or caretaker, or inadequate maintenance or cleaning should you, so please do not hesitate to tell us this directly by phone or by text message or note.

The hirer accepts by his signature the above House Rules as part of the lease, as well as additions below.

Willful violations may take the contract without termination.

, The signature:

We ask that you make to communicate in writing with us as far as possible:
- Tell a list or envelope in the mail slot in our front door.
- By email .....
- ...... By SMS

We are grateful for any advice regarding needed more repairs, soiling, sleep disturbances,
Suggestions for improvement.

It looks like the longer term, we are pleased that Mr. Willi ..............
Repairs done.
Please contact us by note, which you must present his room door or in the post-trade portfolio E2
directly to him, if something arises - even if you BULBS / FLUORESCENT
. need Desire for a change in the room furniture / lighting / decoration, we will be happy to meet if it is possible for us. Framed concert posters, e.g. Rolling Stones, and other motifs, we're happy to provide.

Every resident can use both kitchens.
The basement kitchen is happy to be used in consideration of the dormant there for "a long evening sessions."
The sanitary facilities in the 2nd Floor can also be used by the inhabitants of EC and basement.

The patio between the house and garage is available to all residents. In the evening
pay attention to civilian volume because of the neighbors and then re-stack chairs at the corner of the house,
Clean table and / ashtrays.

Then something changes constantly, and do not always keep all of it, we have not updated the plan.
We have been trying for some time as follows:
The current mode for long-term tenant remains, which have a privilege.
The square in front of the entrance is to be kept free.
Women have the privilege in front of the house or between home and church to park.
Unsightly car park at the rear to Stephaniweg, after the left turn.

At the weekend, from Friday evening to Sunday evening, we would like right in front of the house,
do not see any cars: why is parked on Wo.ende every where what is free, if the back of the Stephaniweg after the left turn, or between the house and garage, but not in front of the house please!
Also please never tame the neighbors bushes or hedges on the (west-east axis Stephaniweg)
to park very well but after the left curve of the hedge (north-south axis).

Please only bicycles on the garage wall, there is also the best weather protection.
In the House, bicycles may not be parked next to a (paid) exception.

Again and again, the Internet extremely slow. This is inter alia the fact that
Programs like bit torrent / eMule / eDonkey / Gnutella can be used. In other words: Extreme capacity to be used for downloads, which are soon released, and this throughout the day. Please adjust these activities, or restrict downloads to the time ranges from 23 clock clock und 9. Anything else is inconsiderate towards others who just want skype late afternoon or evening, alone, for example.
If it do not improve, we need to plug in doubt in the telecommunications room,
then there are a couple of days no internet. The most indiscreet way would be to identify the relevant, but what we want to avoid for reasons of confidentiality.

A significant improvement should result from May / June 2012, because we can then put an additional line.

Also out of respect for the roommate, we expect that everyone can dish itself admits
or rinsed off, and after each use of the kitchen leaves everything perfectly clean and tidy.
Here is the good nature of some residents who may suffer any mess and then strange things will clear up being exploited by some. How to organize the clearing out of the dishwasher just, I do not know, but if anyone noticed the finished machine, then everything
dispel, should follow the random law of large numbers over a longer period
all come to it equally often. The dishwasher just turn up at least 21 clock!

First Do not leave leftovers on the dishes!
Second Dried hot rinse dishes or cutlery or the soak.
Third Only by testing whether the two propellers, the upper and the lower turn, can rotate freely,
Otherwise, much will remain dirty.
I.e. particularly high plate only in the last 4 compartments front left, front right, hi.li., hi.re. plus propeller test.
No glass in lower compartment when they could rise by as down.

Again and again the whole house smells of food. If you turned up on the hood when fully
Cooking, it smells less. In addition, door (basement) and curtain (soon OG2) when cooking is
! close

Please never BOLD in the spout, but soak up with paper and into the recycling bin or trash.

Always turn off the heating or low-set, if you leave the house!
Not only for cost reasons (see the enormous costs), but for ecological

If we look from the outside, that a window is opened or tilted, if the tenant is gone,
we are forced to go into the room to close it,
because we do not tolerate the risks due to weather and fuel wastage.
In addition, we show each tenant in a case once with EUR 10 - Supplement.
For water and storm damage in each case, the tenant is liable.

We also recommend that for health reasons not to heat too much and in particular
at night, or turn back.

Never tilt your screen permanently, but open doors and windows + 5-10 minutes correctly
air that is always more effective than tilting the window for hours, possibly directly on the radiator!

TABLE TENNIS / Punching Bag

The table tennis table and the punching bag in the basement are for everyone. If later in the evening, please
the local residents to clarify so no one is disturbed.


- Inter alia two organic farms with dairy

Net, vegetables, bakery, snacks and stationery

- Health food store Biosfaire
- Bookshop
- Tengelmann
- Rossmann (soon)
- Sports, Locksmiths
- Barber and Christine Olive at Irschenhausen Ebenhausen: The. to Thurs 16-20 clock without registration

Santa Maria:
Top fish shop Dechant, EDEKA with the best pretzels by Muller, who avoid very bad bakery Lidl please, fairly good butcher Witthur with meat from animals Bachhausen, Mörlbach, Höhenrain etc., good vegetable store of nice Bulgarians, stationery, drug store, barber

Bakery and Cafe Meier with good merchandise, REWE, post office, book store, tanning salon, drugstore Schlecker;
Kramerfeicht fish

affordable fresh and smoked fish at Gastl in Leoni, compared to Seehotel Leoni.


- Bavarian inn international Limm Münsing (Bib Gourmand by Michelin) with its own top
Butcher (SG)
- Wine Marcipano (G to SG)

- Country Hotel Klostermaier (G) - Restaurant and Cafe "Landhotel Klostermaier" good cake for
- Rittergüttl in Irschenhausen (just G)

Ambach am See:
- Nice beer garden on an orchard with self-control (G)
- Fischmeister (G)

Santa Maria:
- Restaurant "Zur Post" Food bad, but the best beer Augustiner = (S or very bad)

- Very nice cafe "morning dew" (G)
- Economy, "Oskar Maria Graf" (just G)
- Pizza Bachmayr with home delivery service (not bad) 08 151 998 7555?

Banthai-home service with Asian / Sushi (sometimes G) 08 151 448 567

-Metzerei Kandler (SG) finished with kitchen dishes / salads - alongside one of the best Limm
Butchers in Upper Bavaria.

Guest Muhlthal with beer garden (there are the Isar-defense through the rafters)


5 to 20 minutes

Mörlbach: Late Gothic church built in 1510 with the unique altar.
Berg: votive chapel, cross the lake, where Ludwig II died, the castle of King Ludwig II Park
Aces Stockhausen: Bismarck tower, recreational lock Allmannshausen / Seeburg.
West Bank: Castle Possenhofen, Buchheim Museum in Bernried
Roman settlements north of Starnberg,
Isarauen with swimming (Icking), Old Town Wolfratshausen.

30 to 60 minutes

Royal castles of Ludwig II, Ettal, Oberammergau, Munich and much more
Weekly rate for 1 guest $ 233 US
Monthly rate for 1 guest $ 752 US
Price for > 1 guests $ 15 US per guest/night extra
Check-in after 2 PM
Check-in before On arrangement
Check-out before Noon
Cancellation Policy Strict
Available for check–in
Reviews of this property
Reviews for this host's other properties
September 2014
8 Very good
Room 207 in small castle

Alles war sehr unkompliziert. "Hier ist dein Zimmer (einfach und Sauber) hier das Bad und die Küche. Falls du ein Problem hast kannst du mich jederzeit anrufen."

Ich fand es der Hauswart hat mir also alles gezeigt und mir auch noch einen Tipp gegeben wie ich am besten wo hinkommen.

Check-Out? Einfach Zimmerschlüssel stecken lassen und Tschüß.

Preis Leistung Topp

July 2014
Room 207 in small castle

alles hat gut geklappt. das zimmer war schön.
das haus ist sehr schön gelegen, allerdings benötigt man in jedem falle ein fahrrad bzw besser noch ein auto, um in den nächsten ort zu gelangen und einkaufen zu können. aber darauf wird ja schon in der beschreibung hingewiesen.

June 2014
Room 207 in small castle

Das Zimmer war sehr sauber und groß. Die Sanitäranlagen zwar schon etwas älter aber auch sehr sauber! Der Gastgeber freundlich und hilfsbereit.
Für junge und unklomplizierte Leute kann ich es weiterempfehlen.

August 2013
8 Very good
Room 207 in small castle

Our stay in this small castle can only find a little downer: 10 steps to the basement, 50 steps to the roof. Everything else was super top class. The room wonderfully bright and quiet, gorgeous large bathroom (basin urgently needs bud) promptly hot water - kitchen: in the hallway always a meeting place with nice people from all over the world. The good spirit Willi: an open ear to all our questions and bzgl.Freizeitgestaltung always a funny saying on stock. Evening cozy smoking round the entrance - let the day revue and get tips for tomorrow. Mörlbach - a good address. Tasty rolls in the neighboring. Rossmann and Tengelmann just five minutes. By train to the center of Munich is jiffy. Thank Wimdu.

Translated by Google Translate Show original version.
June 2013
Room in a castle in Greater Munich (E1)

Unfortunately I did not get the room I had booked. Therefore, I left again. Very friendly contact person there.

Translated by Google Translate Show original version.
March 2013
10 Excellent
Room in a castle in Greater Munich (E1)

Nice location and quiet, clean place to stay, friendly hosts and nice roommate alledings you need in every case a car.

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December 2012
10 Excellent
Room in a small castle in Greater Munich (E2)

The area is nice and calm, nice and helpful hosts. Thank you.

October 2012
10 Excellent
Room in a small castle in Greater Munich (E2)

Great stay here in Berg. Rooms very comfortable with easy access to cooking and cleaning facilities etc. Staff were friendly and helpful. I did enjoy being able to escape from the massive crowds of Oktoberfest to this idyllic country location- although if I was staying again I would probably think about hiring a car to get to/ from station and Munich center!

May 2012
10 Excellent
Small House in Nice Garden

Beautiful landscapes throughout the area, easy access to train and big cities if you want peace and rest is the ideal place, I recommend it, greetings.

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