Summer is almost here and everyone is longing for the perfect beach body. In order to see that your exercising has been successful, routine is the key. But let us be honest: we often neglect sports when we travel. Even worse: a few cups of coffee, a few snacks here and there and a bottle of wine or a beer in the evening make it even harder to get a bikini body. However, we at Wimdu were trying to find a solution and came up with the top 5 workout tips that everybody can easily follow during their holidays without the need for any equipment.

Workout with a terrace chair, use a water bottle as a dumb-bell and a towel to exercise the belly, legs and bottom

Of course, you are tempted to be lazy when you see a terrace chair but you might as well use the chair for a little workout. Just sit down on the chair and place your feet on the ground. Now push yourself up using both arms for support so that your feet don’t touch the ground. Make sure to keep your legs at the same angle. The higher you push yourself the more effective the exercise will be. Hold this position for a little while and slowly let yourself back down on the chair. Repeat ten times. But be careful: the chair should not be wobbly or unstable!

For shapely arms, you can use a 1-litre water bottle as a dumb-bell. A towel can also be used for exercising and it is always available during your holidays. Exercise your chest by sitting down on the ground with bent legs, place a towel behind yourself and put your hands on it. Your fingers should point away from your body. Now move the towel slowly away from you. Hold this position for a little while and repeat six times.

Fitness Hype: The Freeletics App

Personal trainers are more and more replaced by apps. The latest trend on the app market is called Freeletics. Freeletics is a personalised dynamic workout programme for which you do not need any equipment because you simply use your own body weight to exercise. Choose between cardio workouts to lose weight, strength training to gain muscles and the Max training option. You can use this personal trainer mobile app during your holidays and exercise on the beach, on the terrace or in a city apartment.

Exercise while queuing in front of a museum

Standing in line to get into a museum or to see an attraction can become pretty boring but you can also use the break for a little workout. Stand on one leg while lifting the other a little bit. Make sure you keep your hips in a straight position. Now move the raised leg to the side and back again. Do this exercise for 30 seconds and repeat with the other leg. This also works well while you are brushing your teeth or waiting for public transportation.

Teamwork is everything: Exercising together is more fun!

When you exercise in a team you do not only meet new people but also have more fun. The Meetup app helps you finding other sports enthusiasts during your holidays. It not only offers running and cycling groups but also more extraordinary activities such as aikido or calligraphy yoga. The training sessions are available in 181 countries all over the world and are usually free of charge or based on donations. By the way, Freeletics is also available in half of Europe. Just search for the city’s facebook group, find the nearest meeting point and exercise with other sports enthusiasts away from home.

Something new: Kayaking in Vancouver, surfing in Sydney or stand-up paddling in Singapore

Many holiday destinations offer exciting sports activities. When you are surfing you exercise your entire body, have great fun and get a healthy tan, too. Kayaking, however, is a bit more relaxed. It helps to exercise your chest and arm muscles in particular and at the same time, you can enjoy breathtaking views.

The latest trend is stand-up paddling where you stand on a board and move forward with the help of a paddle. Depending on the water movement, this activity can either be quite turbulent or more relaxed. Stand-up paddling helps to exercise the muscles in your entire body. Balancing on the water makes it particularly challenging. Nowadays, there are several different types of stand-up paddling. Some like to carry out their already difficult yoga exercises on the board because they become even harder due to the unstable conditions on the water where even more muscles are strained.