Have you ever spent the night in a real fire engine? Let this childhood dream come true!

For this year’s Oktoberfest, you have the opportunity to stay in a former fire service vehicle over one weekend. Built in 1967, the well-preserved fire engine has been specially converted into a cosy accommodation. Guests can enjoy its well-preserved historic charm, as well as an authentic experience.

Following its modification, the engine can now offer two people a good night’s sleep. Equipped with bed linen, a table, benches, dishware and cutlery, it also features an innovative candle-powered portable radiator (check as well as an old medium wave radio that can still be used to receive some Russian radio stations.

Benches where firemen once sat are now the perfect place for social gatherings before and after the festivities. Thanks to a built-in gas stove, guests can prepare delicious meals or hot drinks.

Guests sleeping in the fire engine have access to the shower and toilet placed in the private bathroom of the host Oliver who lives next door to the fire engine. There they can freshen up and put on their traditional dirndl or lederhosen before heading to the famous Theresienwiese and its many beer tents.

Theresienwiese can be reached by public transport in less than 20 minutes. There you can start your personal Oktoberfest adventure and make your weekend in Munich an unforgettable experience.