Even though Berlin, London, Paris or Vienna are still quite popular destinations to celebrate New Year’s Eve, many people are eager to travel to other places as well. Wimdu, an online platform for private holiday accommodation, has scoured through its recent booking figures to find new up-and-coming trendy destinations for New Year’s Eve 2015/16. From wearing red underwear in Madrid and tuxedos in Reykjavik to acrobatic drinking games in Riga: there are many different traditions all over the world waiting to be discovered!

Every year is the same question: how and where will you spend New Year’s Eve. Meetings are arranged with friends at the last minute to push ahead with plans for New Year’s Eve. Travel enthusiasts mostly come up with classical destinations such as Amsterdam, London or Paris, which are nice but have been done so many times before. For all those who would like to try something different, Wimdu presents some new hotspots for an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.

Havana – Welcome the New Year in an Oldtimer

Havana might not be on everyone’s radar when picking a destination for New Year’s Eve. However, this year the city ranks among the top cities worldwide when it comes to the best places to celebrate. The policy of détente between Cuba and the USA is partially responsible for this, and it marks the start of a new era. Havana captivates with its original charm and is definitely worth a visit. New Year’s Eve is just the right time to see some of the legendary shows led by beautiful dancers wearing colourful salsa outfits. Our insider tip for Havana: The Tropicana Club is one of the most famous dance, salsa and cabaret clubs in the world. After the show, the clubs and bars around are ideal for partying the night away. In the smaller clubs, you can get to know the country and its people better. After this very special New Year’s experience, rent an oldtimer, drive along Malecon Boulevard and enjoy a nice view of the coast near Havana.

Madrid – Feliz Año Nuevo in Red Underwear

Barcelona is the typical New Year’s Eve destination in Southern Europe. Here visitors get the best of both worlds: there is a big city but also a beach. An exciting alternative is Madrid. Madrid is a unique place to be on New Year’s Eve, leading to its increased popularity. A mix of historic charm and trendy clubs attracts party animals from all over the world. At midnight, Puerta del Sol Square in central Madrid is the heart of the celebrations. Half the city gather here to ring in the new year. If you want to celebrate like the Spanish, be sure to remember this: make sure you are wearing red underwear – it will bring you good fortune in the year to come.

Reykjavik – Fireworks and the Northern lights in a tuxedo

From the south to the far north, a very unusual New Year’s Eve can be spent in Reykjavik. Iceland’s capital is becoming increasingly popular and offers a lot in terms of party options. The Northern Lights and fireworks can be enjoyed up close in the Þingvellir und Vatnajökull national parks. Planning a dinner for New Year’s Eve? Then make sure to book a table in advance. Keep in mind that you might have to wear a tuxedo depending on where you go. If you prefer a more casual, laid-back atmosphere, several pubs in town offer live music.

Marrakech – An Arabian Nights New Year’s Eve Experience

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in the Orient has a special charm. Marrakech offers countless excellent restaurants and clubs for a perfect New Year’s Eve. Those who want to welcome the new year in a club should stock up on dirham (Moroccan currency) as clubs are a bit more expensive on New Year’s Eve. Of course, Europe also offers great parties and fancy dinner options, but the atmosphere is what makes Marrakech different: belly dancers, hookah and couscous lead to a very different type of celebration. A trip to the desert also makes for a unique experience. Who needs firecrackers when you peacefully lay and watch the stars?

Riga – Funny Drinking Games and Animal Costumes

If you love funny traditions, Riga is the place for you! The Latvian capital is bursting with customs and traditions on New Year’s Eve. Radish, apples and pork ribs have a cult status on this day. On New Year’s Eve, meals that are served are intended to bring good luck for the coming year: apples are a symbol of beauty, radish is good for health and pork ribs to bring promises of strength and happiness. Less profound, but funnier, is a traditional game where one person has to jump around a table on one leg, holding a glass of beer that must not be spilt. If the pork is all eaten and the beer is not spilt, people dress up as animals and go out. After dinner, many go to the shore of 11. Novembra Krastmala where one of the most beautiful fireworks displays can be seen at midnight. In addition to funny traditions, Riga also offers many different bars and restaurants in its historical centre, which is a UNESCO world heritage site.