We have all been waiting for so long for the summer and now it is finally here! Considering the hot temperatures, a cool drink makes for the perfect refreshment. That is why Wimdu, the online platform for holiday apartments, looked for the hippest summer drinks in Germany, Sweden, Spain and other European countries for 2015. Our verdict: Forget about Hugo and have a sip of Passion Fruit Cider, Gin Basil Smash or Tiojito instead.

Sure we all have sipped on a cool glass of Hugo or a sparkling Lillet sitting on the terrace on hot summer days. But this year, these drinks have disappeared from the radar. Wimdu presents the latest trends when it comes to summer drinks in 2015.

Gin Basil Smash: Spicing it up in Berlin

Fresh basil, gin and a splash of lemon juice are the basic ingredients of the trendy Berlin drink Gin Basil Smash. Here’s a tip to make the drink more compatible for summer: add a splash of ginger beer, a bit of elderflower liqueur and a pinch Szechuan pepper for some extra spice and your 2015 summer drink is ready.

Pimm’s: Reinventing itself with a new recipe every year

Although Pimm’s was first produced in 1823, it is still an annual summer highlight. Maybe that is because the brand behind the gin-based drink comes up with a new recipe each year. In 2015, the most popular way to drink Pimm’s is with orange, lemon, mint, cucumber and a strawberry, creating a fruity sensation perfect for the hot season.

Passion Fruit Cider: A tropical drink from Sweden

In Sweden, there is a new cult drink in time for the summer. Swedish cider brand Rekorderlig brought a new flavour to the market which has proven to be very popular. Cider with a passion fruit flavour is literally on everyone’s lips this summer. A particularly big hit is the Yellow Passion Fruit Mojito, made using white rum, St. Germain liqueur, lime juice, syrup, mint and passion fruit cider. Its sweet and exotic taste reminds you of a holiday on a tropical island, therefore making it the ideal summer drink.

Tiojito: A must at every summer party

The latest summer drink trend in Spain comes from the small town of Jerez de la Frontera in the southern region of Andalusia. The drink, which consists of Tío Pepe’s Fino Sherry, lemonade and mint, is a big hit. The refreshing beverage is very light and sweet. Although it is served in large pitchers at every garden party, this tasty summer drink doesn’t last for long. In Andalusia itself, the drink is known as Rebujito.

Aperol Spritz: An Italian all-time classic

In Italy, Aperol Spritz is still a favourite. On a warm summer’s night, people like to gather outside and sip on a glass of this fruity and slightly bitter aperitif. Mixed with Prosecco, the drink goes perfectly with pizza and pasta since it is quite refreshing and not too strong. Classic cocktails, however, are rarely seen in Italy.

Stoli Moscow Mule: Wine is not the only favourite in France

Ginger is right on trend this summer. Therefore, it is hardly surprising to see ginger beer added to drinks as well as the already popular ginger flavoured Stolichnaya vodka. Ginger beer is the main ingredient for the most popular drink in France right now, the Stoli Moscow Mule. Make your own version by mixing fresh lime juice, Stolichnaya vodka and ginger beer. Add a few ice cubes to keep the drink cool on hot summer days.