For most people, going on holiday means taking pictures and carrying home beautiful memories. Many of those people tend to use their smartphone camera for that purpose but then, the result is sometimes too dark, too bright or a bit blurry. However, those pictures and also the ones that are already great can be improved in no time.

Many people like to take short trips over the weekend – especially when a bank holiday is coming up – and travel across the country or even outside the country. That’s why the online platform for apartment rentals, Wimdu, teamed up with photography expert Victoria Leontieva to collect for you the most useful photo apps. These are the 5 top apps that will make your holiday pictures look the best:

Snapseed: Quick as a flash – great results in no time

Despite a few flaws, this app that was created by Google is great for beginners who want to slightly edit their pictures. Improving the photos is easy and straightforward thanks to the auto adjust feature. Furthermore, the app offers a variety of filters, for example, you can draw attention to certain details or to the subject of the photo. Selecting effects for particular areas of the picture by using the brush tool is also possible. Snapseed fixes pictures that are not straight, too. Simply use the transform feature and adjust the perspective. Finally, remove dust and dirt with spot repair.

The verdict of Wimdu’s photo expert Victoria Leontieva: “Snapseed is an extremely user-friendly app that creates quality results without the hassle of spending too much time on editing. One of the best photo apps out there for everyone who is in a hurry.”

Enlight: An all-rounder for power users

Having only been released in March 2015, Enlight is one of the apps with the most features on the market. Therefore, it might not be the first choice for beginners. Users need to invest some time to grasp and try out the full range of features and functions. However, as soon as you are familiar with all that is possible, it is especially great for taking landscape shots. Colour filter, advanced crop tool as well as a text tool are just a few of many features that Enlight has to offer. The great thing about the app is definitely the way how creative effects can be added to the pictures to make them really stand out.

The verdict of Wimdu’s expert: “This app is one of my most recent discoveries and I am deeply impressed by its range of possibilities that is offered for editing your pictures. They make the app almost as strong as a desktop programme.”

Instagram: Oldie but a goodie – The celebrity among picture editing tools

The best-known photo app on the market is without a doubt Instagram. It is hard to believe that the app is already celebrating its 5th anniversary this year and is already considered as a classic. The filters which have been added most recently make it possible to edit pictures in a more subtle way. New filters are being added constantly to the programme. However, what is most appealing about it is the app’s social aspect. Instagram’s community keeps growing every day and photo enthusiasts keep sharing their pictures with others.

The expert understands why the app is so popular: “Instagram enables its users to easily edit and share great pictures. The app offers almost every tool you need to create an amazing picture.”

VSCO Cam: Intuitive grasp – easy editing on the go

Offering a wide range of editing tools and photo filters, this app gets the most out of your pictures. Use the 10 different filters that are already included and if that is not enough you can purchase even more from the store. Fine-tuning of the pictures is really easy thanks to the slide controls that let you change the picture’s contrast, sharpness and colour temperature. Cropping, framing and rotating the photos is also possible. Without leaving the app, you can share those images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter as well as Google+.

The expert is delighted, too: “This app really simplifies picture editing and works almost as good as a desktop programme.”

EyeEm: A clone with a twist – selling pictures via app

EyeEm could as well be an Instagram twin because you can take pictures and share them with the community. Even before the shot, you are able to choose a frame and a filter to assess the effect they have on the photo. Later on, additional edits can be adjusted in any way you want.

Once the picture has been taken you can add information based on where you are and what is around you. Given that GPS is enabled, the app not only shows general information on the current location but also shops, attractions and other points of interest that can easily be added to the description. What makes this app different from all the others is that it has a partnership with Getty Images, and so members can upload and sell their pictures directly through the app.

Wimdu’s expert, too, finds that this is exactly what makes this app stand out: “EyeEm was among the first applications through which photos can be sold. That is an interesting concept with lots of future potential!”