Murcia Amongst Cheapest for Holiday Rentals

Wimdu has calculated that the average cost for an apartment in September in Murcia is just 17.26 euro per night, only slightly higher than the cheapest location, Cáceres, at 16.71 euro per night, taking into account the collaborative economy.

12 High-Quality Airbnb Alternatives for Any Budget

Wimdu is definitely worth checking out. Bear in mind, however, that although the site’s listings are spread over 150 countries, it’s in Europe where the site really stands out

The frugal traveler’s essential list of budget travel hacks

The Washington Post is mentioning Wimdu as a recommended travel hack for vacation rentals in Europe.

Can You Make Money By Renting Out Your Stuff?

Wimdu is a rental site that lets you rent out your apartment, villa, holiday home, cabin, private rooms, farmhouse, car, boat, and more via and more to make money from your unused space.

Cheap Travel: Several Patents for the Stay

[…] you can rent a flat from private persons or just a room – search for such suggestions, for example, at (in Polish language)

How sharing economy has changed European hotel industry

How the sharing economy has changed the European hotel industry over 10 years

Things you should bear in mind if you want to rent out your property

(in Dutch) Fortunately, via Wimdu, you can contact potential guests in advance. This gives you the chance to find out more about them and the reason for their stay.

How to find Cheap Accommodation

[…] this is your ideal accommodation option. Another reason to use this method? You get a kitchen, allowing you to cook and reduce your food costs. My favorite rental websites are: Wimdu […]

How to earn back your holiday

(in Dutch) There are all kinds of platforms where you can offer your house for rent, such as Wimdu, […] Wimdu, on the other hand, does not charge [hosts] for using the platform.

More Than 350,000 Affordable Apartment and Rental Home Options for Your Next European Vacation

Wimdu’s home-sharing platform has helped 2.5 million users experience more than 10 million nights in rental homes and apartments in the most popular European destinations. Rental prices are set by the owners, with most charging a fraction of what a…