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Rome, ancient center of the vast Roman universe, is the seven-hilled capital city of Italy and the largest city on the Italian Peninsula.

Rome's breathtaking fountains

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Glorious Rome has existed for more than 2,000 years and offers its visitors a wealth of Western history alongside that famously popular modern "Italian" way of life, second to none anywhere else in the world. Reasons to visit Rome range from conference trips to simple cultural exploration; no matter your reason, Rome has something for everyone to explore.

All Roads Lead to Rome

Majestically well-preserved buildings and architecture, wide, sweeping piazze (public squares), ancient fountains, bustling restaurants, international convention centers, and more melt together into a brilliant combination that proves the aesthetic beauty of this cosmopolitan world city. Rome is known for its large quantities of UNESCO world heritage sites it being home to the Vatican City. The best plan of action for a Rome first-timer would be to find a small bed and breakfast right in the old city near the Pantheon or Colosseum, or enjoy one of the many great apartment rentals in the area between Via Giulia and Corso Vittorio Emanuele II. Or, if you are more interested in bars and fabulous nightlife options, then you can't go wrong by staying in an apartment rental in the popular Trastevere district just south of the old city.

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