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Seoul is the capital city of South Korea and an important center for international business and history on the Korean Peninsula.

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Seoul is a city centered around the electronics and high-tech gadgetry industries with over 2,000 years of important national and ethnic Korean history. Since the Korean War, Seoul has experienced what is called "The Miracle on the Han", an economic boom that transformed the city into what is currently the world's 4th largest economy.

What To Do in Seoul: From Gangnam Stylings to Goguryeo History

Seoul is divided into 25 distinct districts with the Han River running laterally through the center. The river divides the city into two general parts: Gangnam, which is the wealthier, high-tech section south of the river, and Gangbuk, featuring most of the historical sites and traditional architecture north of the river. For sightseeing, start on the northern side of the river – it's where you'll find a mixture of interesting tourist attractions and traditional Korean sights, such as Gyeoungbok Palace. The business areas tend to be scattered around the city with a majority of them appearing in the southern districts. Made popular by Psy’s international pop hit, ‘Gangnam Style’, the Gangnam district is home to Seoul’s best shopping, even with many luxury options, as well as high-quality city apartments and vacation rentals for rent.

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