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Split basks under the stunning backdrop of its coastal peaks, eats from the azure of the Adriatic Sea, and is home to precious Roman relics

Split's coastal peaks in the distance

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Split is Croatia's largest coastal city. The Diocletian Palace, one of the Romans’ greatest gifts, is home to the bars, shops and restaurants that have bustled and buzzed between the city's historic walls for millennia. This predominantly working-class city provides a gateway to Dalmatian life, under one of the most impressive cityscapes in Europe.

Split: Discovering Diocletian Grandeur

Diocletian, although not having the power of a Roman ruler, did have a worshipful following - in part, due to his claim that he was a descendent of the god Jupiter. Split's stunning location is due to the wishes of Diocletian, who identified an area that would permit him to enjoy his retirement to the fullest. The tract of land where Split perches was chosen so that he could enjoy the pleasures afforded to him both by the city and the countryside. The striking mountain backdrop and shimmering turquoise water of the Adriatic suggest he could not have picked a better spot. The grand Diocletian Palace was completed in AD 305. Today, Split is the economic hub of the eastern Adriatic and the recent sprucing-up of its promenade and harbor have made it a rival to even the most illustrious of Croatia’s many sought-after island destinations.

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