How Wimdu Works

Wimdu is Europe’s biggest platform for city apartments. Discover how to book accommodation below.

How to travel with Wimdu


Find accommodation

Finding a place to stay is easy. Simply type your destination into the search bar and select your travel dates to search. Click on properties to see more details and to read reviews of the property.

Book your accommodation

Before you book, we recommend sending a message to the host to find out more information and to confirm availability. Once you've decided on your chosen accommodation, follow the steps on the checkout page to send a booking request to the host.

Receive confirmation

A host has 24 hours to accept a booking request. You receive a confirmation email once it's accepted. With Instant Booking, confirmation is immediate. To ensure your payment is secure, Wimdu only transfers the money to the host 24 hours after you have checked in.

Enjoy your trip!

Once your booking is confirmed, your trip can go ahead! You’ll receive the contact details of the host so that you can send them your estimated arrival time. Your host will meet you at the property, will show you around the place and hand over the keys.

Leave a review

After your stay, it’s important to leave a review of your accommodation. Your feedback is valuable and helps future guests gain an insight into what the property is like.
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Why travel with Wimdu?

  • Save up to 70%

    Discover the best deals for popular cities and destinations with our Wimdu WOW Deals - and save up to 70%!

  • Quality checked apartments

    We’re committed to ensuring guests have a quality Wimdu experience. That’s why we introduced our Wimdu Triple Check to verify properties are up to our strict standards.

  • Huge choice of properties

    Choose from over 350,000 city apartments in more than 150 countries worldwide - from Berlin to Beijing, you’re sure to find the perfect accommodation for you.

  • Thousands of trusted reviews

    Over 1 million guests have already stayed over 5 million nights with Wimdu, and we encourage all guests to leave a review after their stay - giving you a better insight into which property to choose.

  • Free 24/7 Customer Support

    Whether it's questions about a property or payment, our multilingual Customer Support Team are happy to help - simply contact us via the Help section.

Hospitality at Wimdu

We work with our hosts to ensure that guests experience a great stay. For more information, read our hospitality guidelines for hosts.
Our hospitality standards

Our quality standards

  • On-site check

    To ensure quality, we are carrying out on-site checks on properties. Thousands of properties have already been checked on-site, and more are to follow.

  • 365 Check

    After an initial on-site check, we continue to spot-check properties throughout the year, in order to make sure quality is maintained.

  • Guest reviews

    Guests who have stayed at a Wimdu property are encouraged to give an up to date review of accommodation for future guests.

FAQ Basics

  • Is my payment securely processed?

    Payments are securely processed through encrypted connections. As soon as you submit a booking request, the total cost will immediately be reserved in your account. The amount will only be deducted from your account if the host accepts your request.

  • How can I contact a host?

    Guests can easily contact hosts by using the Wimdu messaging system. Send a message to the host by clicking on the host ‘Contact’ button which is located under the host profile picture on the righthand side of the listing page.

  • What do I do if my host cancels the booking?

    If the host cancels your booking, we will notify you right away. We will assist you in making a new booking or you can choose to have a full refund for your booking.

  • Where can I find my booking information?

    You will receive the host’s contact details and the full address of the property via your ‘Booking Accepted’ email. This information can also be viewed in the ‘My Trips’ section of your User Account.