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New Delhi, the sprawling and vibrant capital city of India, is a bridge between two very distinct worlds. Old Delhi, a labyrinth of narrow lanes with Islamic mosques, lies in complete contrast to British influenced New Delhi, with its tree-lined avenues and big government buildings. Delhi has been an important political base for many rulers and empires and boasts an incredibly rich history which dates back as far as 5,000 years. Over time, it has been destroyed but rebuilt many times, a nod to the resilient nature of its inhabitants. The city itself has an almost magical quality, with a truly exotic air and a friendly and generous people. Though Hindi is the official language, English is spoken ubiquitously, making it easy to get around and to be understood. The number of historical landmarks in and around the city is mind boggling, and the most popular ones include the Red Fort, Humayun's Tomb and the Qutub complex. In addition, there are countless museums and art galleries with minimal entrance fees as well as a plethora of modern malls, world-class restaurants and quality entertainment to keep you busy. Most visitors can easily spend a week or longer here, so what better way to enjoy the city than staying in a comfortable apartment or local Bed and Breakfast in New Delhi. Enjoy the many advantages of staying in a private vacation rental as opposed to booking an impersonal hotel room. By renting a room in an apartment in New Delhi you can come and go as you please and also share stories with the locals. Your local host will share invaluable knowledge with you about the best way to make the most of your trip. Booking your vacation accommodation with Wimdu can often work out cheaper than booking a hotel so take a look around our website for more great vacation rentals.

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New Delhi is a fascinating city of culture and it has its own unique style and pace. By renting an apartment in New Delhi, you will have a real authentic experience of life in this great city. Many visitors to New Delhi rarely see beyond the top tourist attractions and return to their room in a chain hotel. However, if you stay in a private apartment in New Delhi you will really feel a connection to the city while you are on vacation. Choosing to book private accommodation through Wimdu is perhaps the most authentic way to stay anywhere and Wimdu helps you do this with a safe and secure booking process which includes free insurance against damages! There are many reasons to book your next vacation rental with Wimdu. Not only do you get the privacy and amenities of a hotel room, but you get more space and more everyday comforts as well.

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If you want to feel a true connection to the city, and better understand what day to day life is like, stay in a bed and breakfast with Chat with your local host who will be able to give you advise about the best way to navigate the city and what to see and do. You can have them recommend a traditional place to eat your evening meal or give you insider tips about places to visit that are off the beaten tourist path. Staying in a Bed and Breakfast in New Delhi is a great way to feel part of the culture and get closer to the locals.

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