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A sleepy city known as the gateway to Seoraksan National Park, Sokcho is a widespread city which draws many international and national visitors due to its closeness to the Korean Demilitarized Zone. While sleepy it may be, it certainly does not lack in natural beauty. Visitors will be welcomed by the sight of natural hot springs, golf courses surrounded by beautiful landscapes and one of the few lakes naturally created by the sea. It is also home to popular beach with fishing areas. In terms of nightlife, Sochi is lacking in typical Korean beer-gardens and restaurants. However, guests can delight in the mouthwatering street food and fine fishery products it offers. If that is not enough to lure you to this picturesque location, then plan your vacation around the time of the Seorak Cultural Festival when parades, stage shows, contests, races and various other forms of entertainment fill the calendar.

Where to Stay

Sokcho beckons culinary and nature enthusiasts to its doorstep from near and far. When days are spent travelling by foot, car or bike across miles and miles of picturesque landscape, visitors are sure to want to book holiday rentals which will prolong the comfort and beauty into the night. The most popular choice is to stay in a charming pension where the stunning sunrise and sunset can be enjoyed over the lovely beach. Book a room in a charming beach house and enjoy the benefits of a friendly host who is more than happy to share the best tourist attractions and hidden sights which only locals know about.

Fun Facts

  • Sokcho belonged to North Korea from 1945 until the end of the Korean War!
  • The population of Sokcho is just in the region of 84,000!
  • Sokcho Beach is only open 42 days of the year!

Things to See and Do

Visitors who happen to have a holiday rental during July and August should be sure to make the trip to Sokcho Beach to enjoy its clear water, white sand and beautiful pine forest. It is easily reached by taking the bus to the Sokcho Express Bus Terminal, and is close to Seorak Mountain where visitors can spend some hours hiking. Throw on a sweatshirt as the evening temperatures kick in and walk to the left of the beach to enjoy hwaleo hoe (fresh sashimi). Those looking to take part in sea fishing can do so by taking a boat to Jo Island in the open-sea area by the beach. For a truly beautiful experience however, be sure to spend some time at Seoraksan National Park. Designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, it is home to spectacular cliffs and mountains through which visitors can discover valleys with cultural artifacts by completing one of many hiking trails available. Walk along the Cheonbuldong Valley to snap postcard-worthy pictures of crystal clear streams and pools. Those with a lucky streak may get the chance to take a picture of one of 2,000 animal species living in the area.
Anybody interested in offerings beside natural landscapes can delve into the culture of the area by visiting the well-preserved Buddhist temples in the area around Sokcho. The most popular temple is perhaps the Sinheungsa Temple. Besides visiting the Korean Demilitarized Zone, holiday makers with an interest in North Korea can visit Abai, a small village of North Korean expats. Stop by here for lunch or dinner and order the local speciality of Abai Sundae.

Eating and drinking in Sokcho

It is recommended that visitors to Sokcho try what the city is know for best, its raw fish. While delicious, be warned that it can cost up to 70,000 Won for 2 in restaurants. Worry not though because Sokcho has many other local delicacies to offer. Walk down the streets of tofu towns such as Sinheung Sundubu and Haksapyeong Sundubu to find Sundubu (soft tofu) made using pure Mt. Seoraksan water and seawater. Those who enjoy Korean sausage should taste Ojingo-sundae which has a unique taste by by using squid instead of pork intestines. In terms of eating establishments, one great find in the area is Wangshiprigoihanmadang on Rodeo Street. For 10,000 won, guests can eat an unlimited amount of meat, octopus, fish, and mandu.

Getting Around

Public transportation provides access to Sokcho for visitors. Those coming by bus can depart from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal every 30 minutes. The closest train station is in Gangneung, an hour away by bus. Russian ferry lines use operate a terminal in Sokcho. Once at their destination, visitors can commute by bus, but should be aware that Sokcho is a sprawling city with a rather infrequent bus service. Also, the intercity and express bus terminals have a quite a distance between them. Visitors hoping to stop by Seoraksan National Park will find a more regular bus service, while anybody travelling to Osaek (south Seoraksan) may be disappointed.

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